Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sofia Coppola continues to shine in her own special way. This movie shows her growth from one of her previous directorial/writing attempts in Lost in Translation. In this movie we go for long periods of silence where the acting is accomplished through the eyes of Stephen Dorff. You may feel his name is familiar but not sure what you remember him from...the answer is the bad guy in BLADE. He has some acting skills, but hasn't had the big break yet and not sure if this is it.

The movie follows the life of movie star Johnny Marco, played by Stephen Dorff, and shows that even with the celebrity of Hollywood where everyone knows your name that you can still be lonely. He uses women to get the affection that he is lacking in his life, but doesn't let the frustrations in his life get in the way of his love for his daughter Cleo, played by Elle Fanning. We get to see the relationship between father and daughter in the movie that you cannot help but smile at. He truly loves his daughter and even though her mother has skipped town he will do whatever it takes to make Cleo happy. Ultimately Johnny Marco must make a decision about what is important in his life, his career or his daughter.

There are a couple surprising performances in the movie from Chris Pontius (Jackass) and Ellie Kemper (the Office). Neither of them contribute much to the movie, but it was fun seeing them.

I wanted to like this movie more, but could only give this one 3 Quacks.

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