Rating Scale

Sometimes we forget what movies are supposed to be about.  Often we get movies confused with glitz, glamour, and the box office; which is fine, but that is not what movies are about.  Movies are about telling stories.

Movie Quacks is about the appreciation of films and the stories they tell. 

5 Quacks - Award Nominated and must see movie (don't wait any longer than you already have)
4 Quacks - No Awards likely, but theater worthy (or an award but other flaws)
3 Quacks - It is okay to wait until it goes to the cheap theater or for Netflix, but if you really like buttered popcorn go see it
2 Quacks - Don't bother paying anything for this, just wait til it is on the USA Network or FX
1 Quack  - This is Beaver Trash material that only a bark rodent would enjoy
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