Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ebert Presents at the Movies

I am sure I am not alone as someone in their 30s that watched Siskel & Ebert at the Movies growing up. Life (and death) have caught up to these two icons of movie critics. They were the catalyst for others in subsequent years and Ebert has tagged two young Christy (Associated Press) and Ignatiy ( These two do a decent job of bantering off each other and I am not sure which one I like more yet. The big news was the return of Roger Ebert who spoke from behind a desk in a sparingly lit office and spoke through a computer using the voice of Werner Herzog.

This week they reviewed No Strings Attached, The Company Men, the Green Hornet and The Way Back. Next week from the balcony they will review the Mechanic and the Rite.

The new show is clearly a work in progress, but I like it. The timing couldn't be better as the Award season is underway and the Oscars are around the corner. In fact, they are doing a contest where you can put your picks for the Oscars up against Ebert's to win your share of $100,000 (or maybe all of it). For additional information go to and I know I will be competing and I want everyone else to do it too. In fact, I will put my own contest together (on a much smaller scale) so stay tuned.

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