Sunday, January 30, 2011

Elite Squad

This was my first Brazilian movie experience and wow was this one intense. Think of all of the war and action movies you have ever seen and put it all into one movie. Moira Wagner plays the Captain of the Elite BOPE Squad, a group that is hand selected from the local police that is corrupt and comes into clean up when the police cannot get the job done. Being on the BOPE is extremely stressful as every day puts you in life and death situations between the drug dealers and the corrupt police. Compound the stress with a family at home that you are trying to protect. The selection process is intense as well and that is the part that I enjoyed the most.

It felt at times like two separate movies and was a bit disjointed by developing the characters in the classroom that are caught in the middle. The movie does finish strong and gives the "what would you do?" scenario in the end.

This one gets 3 Quacks and I am eagerly anticipating the sequel that should be coming out in 2011.

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