Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Girl Who ...

She showed us her "Dragon Tattoo" and "Played with Fire" and finally "Kicked the Hornets Nest". Noomi Rapace was powerful in her performances showing the edgy side of someone that has been abused by the system that we rely on and the public officials that we put into power.

With an american remake of this film coming in 2011 it is my goal to get people to see the original. It annoys me when a good movie is remade and then gets all the attention because of the remake and people ignore the original. This happened with "the Departed" compared to the Hong Kong original "Infernal Affairs" which was almost shot for shot the same movie.

Currently you can watch all three of these movies instantly with Netflix. They are in Swedish, but unlike some other foreign films the pace isn't too fast and easy to keep up with. Some reviews say one movie is better than another, but I think they are all equally AWESOME...and give them a collective 4 Quacks.

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