Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the Sunset Limited

What a treat "the Sunset Limited" is and what a shame that so many people will not get a chance to see it as it is an HBO made for TV movie. Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson combine for a powerful performance of the Cormac McCarthy play. with the limits of just two characters in one room it is the dialogue from Cormac McCarthy and the acting strength of two of the best actors in our generation that take this from a simple story of a guy that saved another from suicide to a theological debate between two men from disparate walks of life that have been thrusted towards each other. The writing from McCarthy is a true master piece.

What is most powerful is the simplicity of the movie and the short silent moments that a movie allows and a play does not. One such moment is when Tommy Lee Jones looks down into a cup of coffee at the darkness and the emptiness that he if feeling. During these moments it makes the movie easier to understand.

But what would you do if Jesus was to speak to you? You may think that he wouldn't speak to you because you were not virtuous enough. However, you don't have to be virtuous you just have to be quiet. He will talk to anyone that will listen . During the movie the characters take a powerful turn as if Jesus and Satan are having a conversation trying to explain to each other why the beliefs they have split humanity. In this apartment we are not in heaven and not in hell, but witnessing the courtroom where the darkness and the light are fighting for what they believe.

In the final scene, as the sun rises behind the protagonist the audience is issued a question. If we are supposed to help our fellow man why are we not given the words. Is that okay?

I have to give this one 5 Quacks and encourage everyone to look for this movie. If it happens to come to DVD eventually you should get it as quickly as possible. I loved every moment of this movie and found myself rewinding at several points to listen to the powerful words over again. This movie will require to some a second viewing to truly absorb the impact of the movie.

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