Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Go With It

The rom-com continues with the power of the ring. The precious ring bestows confidence in Adam Sandler (Dr. Danny Maccabee) to pursue 23 year old ladies into the bedroom. Sounds like a dirty joke and with Adam Sandler involved you can usually expect one of two things; (1) the jokes won't stop, or (2) he will continue down his relatively mature career path and show some acting skills. "Just Go With It" slides somewhere in between where the Queen of the rom-com (Jennifer Anniston) pulls up her side of the movie and helps Adam Sandler continue down the path of maturity.

I never saw the original version of this movie from 1969 with Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn, but Adam Sandler does a terrific job in setting the stage, while Jennifer Anniston shows her strength, and Brooklyn Decker remains an unknown. Overall the movie doesn't really surprise you as most of it is pretty cliche, but the jokes were clever enough to keep the movie running.

In supporting roles, Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews play a cool couple, but both of their acting was over the top and annoying. I guess that is what the characters were supposed to be and that is why you hate them, but they just don't deliver it for me. Nick Swardson plays the brother of Dr. Danny Maccabee and is also over the top in his fake Euro-trash accent and sheep loving abilities. Finally it wouldn't be an Adam Sandler movie without Kevin Nealon who in his 5 minutes is shockingly grotesque. Several other friends of Adam Sandler make a cameo so it is fun to look for them throughout the movie in small roles.

The one that really steals the show is young Bailee Madison who has worked with some top names the last couple years in movies "Brothers" (2009), "Conviction" (2010) and now "Just Go With It". She is only 11, but I hope that she can continue to grow in acting then take some time off for education and then come back in her 20s as a powerhouse. Seriously she has some acting skills and I am glad to see her in a comedy and not a serious drama like the other films. In one scene the brother in the movie is having an emotional moment and she turns to console him like a big sister would in that situation and it looked genuine.

If you are looking for a date movie at the theater this is a decent one, but if you are just looking for laughs you can wait for it on DVD. Overall it is just 2 Quacks.

(screening date 2/9/11, release date 2/11/11, location Regal Gallery Place 14)

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