Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hall Pass

I didn't go into this movie expecting much and by the end of the movie I got pretty much what I expected. I guess this could qualify as a rom-com, but it is more comedy as you can be expected from the Farrelly Brothers. However, even their standards seem to be dropping as the attention to detail was shockingly lacking. Apparently they decided to tell a lot of the story through photographs that were to clearly photoshopped that the body and face didn't even match. It was like you opened up your friends wallet to find the family that came with the wallet. The story is predictable with splashes of sexual humor and nudity throughout.

The basic premise of the movie is a couple of married guys (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) have hot wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate), but get caught one too many times gawking at the younger women around them. After the ultra wise Joy Behar suggests giving their husbands a "Hall Pass" for a free week of not being married and some more sophomoric humor the men are given the Hall Pass. Along the way the the husbands and the wives discover many things and among them is the love for each other (sorry to spoil it for you, but did you really think it was going to end any other way).

With any comedy it is almost as much fun to pick up on the cameos in the movie. Bo Burnham who is one of the fastest rising young comedians going right now makes an appearance as a bartender. Vanessa Angel from "Weird Science" (1985) is still hot at 45. Alyssa Milano plays a trophy wife. Of course there had to be a couple of hot girls (Nicky Whelan and Alexandra Daddario) that will probably get some bigger roles in the coming years. However, it is Richard Jenkins who is the only quality actor in the movie and shows it with his performance as the super cool friend that helps us finally get to the end of the movie when it is dragging along.

One final sequence pops onto the screen after the major credits have rolled that is surprisingly redeeming because of its brevity. In fact the entire movie could be done in the same way, however we wouldn't have a full length movie any more (not that it would be a bad thing). I want to give this a little bump since there isn't much in the theaters right now, but I have to give it 2 Quacks. It isn't the best comedy in the theaters right now... but please Quack back with your thoughts on the movie.

(screening 2/22/11, release date 2/25/11, location Regal Gallery Place 14)

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