Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Premium Movies

IMAX, Digital 3D, regular 3D... what does it all mean?

First thing to say about this topic is that the theater makes more of a difference than the picture format. An older theater may have character, but with older equipment comes lesser quality and you shouldn't pay for crap when you go to the theater. So, if you go to a newer theater you will obviously enjoy yourself more than an older theater. However, if you want to take that movie experience to another level should you fork over the extra money for IMAX or 3D?

Some movies are better in IMAX. These are the usual summer blockbuster movies that have the tie in with the fast food chains, toys for the kids, etc. If you are that geeked up about the movie in advance then I say spend the cash for the experience. It will make it better.

But what about 3D...this one takes a more personal preferrence in my opinion. Some people like it and others do not. For me no matter what 3D format is used the glasses put a strain on my eyes and it is not enjoyable. I have seen the same movie in other formats and the 3D experience does not add enough for me to spend the extra cash.

Bottom line, go to the nice theater and you will be in good hands.

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  1. I completely agree with you on the 3D movies. Even the movies that are shot with being 3D in mind aren't really that much better. And I usually end up with a killer headache.


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