Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Green Hornet

I will be honest, I am too young to remember there ever being a Green Hornet radio show and I am also too young to have seen the Bruce Lee version of the Green Hornet. However, if you wanted to bring a new hero to the party of superhero movies this would be a great one to invite. Seth Rogan has some chops and isn't afraid to combine his funny man writing styles to an action movie. This is a strong evolution for him from Pineapple Express where he attempted the same thing; however it works even better here with an established framework to start from. He modernized the story in just the right ways and found the perfect cast for the movie. Of course he had to find rolls for his friends, which include a cameo from James Franco as a hip drug dealing club owner looking to be the big boss, but Christopher Waltz plays a perfect villain as Chudnofsky (but seriously what kind of a name is that). Relatively unknown Jay Chou was a lot of fun to watch as he jumped and kicked and punched across the screen. I suppose I should say that Cameron Dian is in the movie as well, but is not memorable at all. I think she could be the only miss in the casting, but nobody is perfect.

The writing had just enough laughs to make the character of Britt Reid worthy of cheering for as the hero. The jealous tones from Kato were a bit strong and not believable enough. But this movie wan't made for the writing; it was made for the kick ass fighting styles of the Green Hornet and his partner Kato. The movie succeeds in establishing the story and setting the stage for a Summer 2012 sequel. It got the January bump for some reason. However, I think this one has a chance to have a solid weekend in mid-January.

I give this movie a strong 3 Quacks.
(screening 12/21/10, release date 1/14/11, location AMC Mazza Gallerie)

-the Blue Wombat

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