Monday, January 23, 2012

Horrible Bosses

Finally the comedy event of the summer has let itself be known. I know many had high hopes for "Hangover 2" and even "Bridesmaids" surprised people for being better than anticipated, but "Horrible Bosses" delivers where the others couldn't by being original (or at least more original than the others). The film is about three friends who for lack of a better word have "horrible" bosses and conspire to murder their bosses after realizing that they are standing in the way of their happiness.

With a cast that includes Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and their respective horrible bosses Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Colin Ferrell the question can be asked "how could this movie not be awesome?". Jamie Foxx is the "consultant" to the revenge seeking employees attempting to guide them on their mission. Julie Bowen plays the sexy wife to Kevin Spacey. It is almost a battle between her and Jennifer Aniston as to who is more slutty in the film. Both might have the men saying that they "would like to bend over and show all 50 states". Okay that phrase may miss you now, but after watching the film you will be quoting it for sure.

What makes the bosses evil, crazy, psycho, people is what contributes to the laughter in the movie. Kevin Spacey is a high finance President that is a control freak reminiscent of "Office Space" (1999) telling Jason Bateman that he has to work weekends and gives him a hard time when he arrives at work at 6:02am for being 2 minutes late. Jennifer Aniston plays a dentist that sexually manipulates her dental assistant, Charlie Day, who may or may not be a registered sex offender. Colin Ferrell is the coked up son of Donald Sutherland that could care less about the family business and just wants to party.

There are some that may not know who Charlie Day is, but for those that have been following his sordid love affair with the waitress on "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" this film is perfect. The writing is simple and rotates between the three wanna-be criminals as we see just how horrible these bosses are. By the time the scheme gets put into operation you cannot help but want to support the idea, even if it is only hypothetical. The story never drags and there isn't some underlying romance like "Bridesmaids" used, resulting in a shorter film that is a perfect comedy that will keep people interested.

I have been asked if this film has any nudity. The screening version that I saw did not have any nudity, but Jennifer Aniston filmed a version of one of the film's scenes entirely topless and exposed, which is something new for her. Quack back with an update on whether or not that version of the scene was used in the film or if she still just had a lab coat on.

This film is the closest thing to a 4 Quack comedy that I have seen in a while. Nothing special really being done, but solid performances and a tighter script make it worth seeing. Horrible Bosses is an updated version of Office Space that will keep you laughing. Stick around during the credits for deleted scenes.

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