Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

You look at the title of the film and probably are thinking that 3D has jumped the shark. There have been so many films that have come out this year in 3D that viewers have started to recognize the difference between filming in 3D as compared to post production 3D effects. However, the writing duo of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are together once again for "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas". Not often does an R-rated comedy push the technical aspects of film making, but the 3D in the film is possibly the best of the year. Sit back and take it all in with the "Winter Wonderweed" and amazing sight gags sticking the proverbial 3D tongue in the proverbial 3D cheek. Morgan Spurlock would even be proud of the 3D TV product placement. You will have everything coming at you from eggs, bong smoke, ping pong balls and vulgarity that take advantage of the R-rating liberties. Unlike other 3D films, this film even penetrates the imaginary fourth wall.

The plot picks up several years since Guantanemo Bay, leaving Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) estranged from one another with very different families, friends and lives. Kumar is busy indulging in his usual “not low” activities while Harold (now Harry) is trying to move forward with his adult life. But when a mysterious package addressed to Harold arrives at Kumar's apartment the two friends are thrust together. In an effort to save the Christmas traditions, Harold and Kumar embark on a mission through New York City to find the perfect Christmas tree, once again stumbling into trouble at every single turn. Every possible joke about John Cho being Sulu from Star Trek and Kal Penn working at the White House is made during the film. One of the best moments in the film for those of us in our 30s is a rant from Kumar about the difference between Beer Pong and Beirut without the stupid rollback rule.

The favorite side characters from previous films make returns with Neil Patrick Harris stealing the show as he always does. Only in a film like this could the sexual ambiguity of NPH be made clear. It was also nice to hear NPH make a comment to Harold and Kumar that he will see them in the fourth film. Eddie Kaye Thomas and David Krumholtz make a guest appearance as well. New members of the supporting cast include Patton Oswalt as a mall Santa with holiday themed marijuana and Danny Trejo as Harold's father-in-law.

Certainly many might be wondering if a Christmas film coming to the theaters nearly a month before Thanksgiving is too early. However, at midnight when the holiday shopping officially starts, I will be looking for a WaffleBot because I agree that pancakes are gay. While it is absolutely too early to be hitting the holiday themes, the comedy delivers regardless and you won't be disappointed. This is absolutely a must see film in the theaters for the creative 3D effects and is a 4 Quack film. You might be surprised that this film could even received some awards.

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