Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like Crazy

If you have ever had a silent moment in a loud room where you don't feel it is the place in your life that you should be at in the given moment then this movie is for you. "Like Crazy" is filled with moments where we try to fill the void that is missing in our heart only to pine for something else. Drake Doremus directed and wrote with his friend Ben York Jones in the follow up to their indie hit "Douchebag". Together they are able to express the pains of being in love combined with the difficulties of being an adult. For fun look for the cameo from Ben York Jones as Jacob's friend.

"Like Crazy" took on the Sundance Film Festival and walked away with the Grand Jury Prize. After seeing the other films nominated I think I can now safely say I agree. Those films are all spectacular films and picking just one as the best is near impossible, but this one stands out for its writing, acting and hits on an emotional level. Of the other films nominated I have already seen "Circumstance"; "Martha, Marcy May, Marlene"; "Terri"; "Another Earth"; and "the Art of Getting By".

The film begins with an introduction to Jacob (Anton Yelchin) as a teacher's assistant that is doodling in the back of the classroom while Anna (Felicity Jones) reads her essay on MySpace while slowly showing that she has a crush on Jacob. The audience is treated with their growing relationship from their first date to the memories that are forever a snap-shot of their love when nothing else mattered. Then suddenly the separation of two loved ones by the violation of immigration law forces them to recognize that they are adults in a long-distance relationship. The difficulties of starting and stopping their relationship grow on each of them as they find comfort in their work and others around them. Jacob with Sam (Jennifer Lawrence) and Anna with Simon (Charlie Bewley), but neither relationship is fully satisfying and there is little truth-telling. The decisions they make are painful at times, but the look in their eyes tells you how empty they are without each other.

The performances from Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are near perfect as they become such a believable couple and you want to fight for them. The acting for these two goes beyond the written word and the direction from Drake Doremus is heartfelt. The symbolism that Drake Doremus plays on frequently throughout the film reminds you of how they are being forced apart.

The parents in the film steal the show as they are so quirky and reminded me of my parents. Anne's parents (Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead) who give the film a much needed lightness of tone. I wish that more was told about Jacob's parents and feel it would have come up in a real relationship. If that is my only bone to pick with the film I can look past it.

"Like Crazy" is every bit as good as the other nominees at Sundance, but stands out for me and deserving of another 5 Quack designation. I would like to see Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin receive nominations for their acting as well as Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones for the script. The film will get a limited release starting October 28th, but I highly recommend you find this film at a theater.

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