Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Your Number?

The premise of "What's Your Number?" is simple, yet insulting that a woman would be so shallow as to think that a number would define whether she can fall in love or not. The arbitrary number established by the book "20 Times a Lady" written by Karyn Bosnak (she of fame) is the basis for the jokes in the film that attempts to copy the success of "Bridesmaids" as the latest female lead R-rated comedy. The opening scene of the film even copies "Bridesmaids" as Anna Farris sneaks out of bed to primp herself before returning to her latest boyfriend before he wakes.

Anna Farris (Ally) plays the quirky cute girl as well as any actress right now. Her supporting cast of previous boyfriends, and one time mistakes, include Zachary Quinto (Margin Call), Chris Pratt (Moneyball), Andy Samberg (Friends with Benefits), Thomas Lennon (Cedar Rapids), Anthony Mackie (Adjustment Bureau) and many others that have a pretty face (or body) for the ladies to admire.

However, it is her neighbor Colin, played by Chris Evans (Captain America), who begins to help Ally in her mission to track down all of her previous lovers. Inevitably, the charm of Ally and the physical attraction of Colin, after she realizes he isn't entirely the pig she thought he was, brings them together in the culminating event where the two of them share that magical moment. Of course this is cliché, and I don't consider it to be a spoiler either.

Chris Evans is not a terrible actor, but he has no comedic timing and the decision to keep him nearly naked throughout the film was an interesting one that I am sure the ladies will enjoy. What saves this film is the funny writing and performances from the ensemble cast. Wait for the end to catch a great conversation from Aziz Ansari (30 Minutes or Less) explaining the extent of his relationship with Ally.

The question in the title might be a fun game to play during a night of drinking at a bar, but the real question that the movie asks is if it is possible that your ex gets better with time. While it may not be the intention of the film, I am sure many people will walk out of this film wondering what happened to this girl or that guy. My advice, since I am known for having such amazing dating experiences, there is a reason they are your ex. Leave them in the past and don't succumb to the ideal that romantic comedies tell us. They are entertainment and this is real life. So grab someone you like and take them to this movie for some laughs about how good you have it right now. You might even be surprised by the award considerations that this film might get.

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