Sunday, March 6, 2011


The young and talented James Wan and Leigh Whannell don't want to be considered the kings of the horror genre. They are the creators of the "Saw" series that started in 2004. So many movies in the horror genre are simple slasher movies and don't take the time to properly develop a story. This is where Wan and Whannell shine by developing the mood. "Insidious" is a film about a family moving into a new house, but the traditional imagery isn't what you think it will be.

The family includes Patrick Wilson and the beautiful Rose Byrne who have three children. The oldest of which does some exploring in the new house only to fall from a ladder and bump his head allowing for a portal to the soul to be found for the demons from the Further. The story delicately tip toes through the tulips scaring in genuine ways without grossing you out.

I really liked the montage intro which provided a little foreshadowing with a name being on the screen and then the shadow of the name rising up from it. There was also an interesting background shot of a chalkboard where the Jigsaw Killer is drawn as well as James Wan's name. Not sure if everyone caught that, or if there is anything else hidden the movie, so if there is Quack back with what you found.

This movie is a step outside of what I usually enjoy at a theater, but will probably shock some people by giving this one 4 Quacks. James Wan and Leigh Whannell have done it again leaving the audience on the edge of their seat wanting more. People will be talking about this movie for sure.

(screening 3/6/11, release date 4/1/11, location West End Cinema)

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